About Anamika Chakravarty – Programs & Partnerships

An alumnus of IIM, Bangalore, Anamika is a graduate in Mathematics and a Post Graduate in Computer Technology.

Corporate Career

  1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) : She started her career in the Management Consulting division of TCS and soon moved into Computer Consultancy. After managing several large projects she assumed the role of Account Manager of one of the largest accounts at TCS. At TCS she was also actively involved in internal auditing and in designing and implementing learning programs in project management and leadership skills.
  2. KPMG India: After 8 years in TCS, Anamika joined KPMG in their Advisory Services Group. Here she consulted with various organizations in their process improvement initiatives.
  3. Deloitte India: Her next job was at Deloitte where she was responsible for optimum software processes at all offshore development centers.

Soft-skills training

Anamika has conducted learning programs expertise in the areas of behavioural and leadership skills. She has designed and delivered learning programs on Building Resilience, Resolving Inner Conflict, Realizing Dreams, Developing Grit and Determination, and Strengthening the Mind.

Leadership & Wellness Coaching

Anamika also coaches middle managers in the corporate world. She is now a Wellness Counselor using the science of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (effect of how we think and feel on our health) to fortify the inner self. Anamika now conducts workshops on mindfulness, emotional fitness, meditation and spiritual practice.

Teaching & Academia

Anamika is a visiting faculty at various management institutes and colleges in Mumbai. Here her focus is on IT related and general management subjects. She has written a text book on e-Tailing for management students. She has edited children’s books and corporate magazines.

On the personal front

Anamika is also active on social media and has written slice-of-life articles. She is a voracious reader. Her current areas of interest are philosophy and spirituality.

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