Discover Your Strengths & Stressors: Free Personal Wellbeing Questionnaire

The Holistic Health Questionnaire (HHQ) will help you to get an idea of your current well-being and understand your stressors. To take the test, please mail Anamika at with the subject as HHQ.

How stressed are you? And what is your health risk?

Good morning! Let the stress begin.

That’s the story of our lives. In today’s fast paced lives, we are constantly struggling to deal with stress.

A comprehensive stress diagnostic gives you a complete map of your ‘in-scape’. This tool explores how stress lowers immunity and analyses your stressors coming from your

  • Life-history
  • Life-style
  • Life-stance.

The findings may surprise you and more importantly, you will have a clear understanding of the specific areas you need to address.

A Holistic Approach

The questionnaire is based on the belief that true health is ‘holistic’ and includes your physical, emotional, mental, systemic and spiritual well-being.

Also, it is now well-known that our health is primarily secured by our immune system. The emerging science of Psycho-neuro-immunology clearly shows that:

  1. The higher your stress levels, the greater your illness risk.
  2. The greater your ‘strengths’ (coping resources), the more you are protected against illness.

Therefore, it is important not only to understand your stressors but also to be aware of and to leverage your strengths to neutralise your stressors.

5 Types of Stressors & Strengths

The questionnaire classifies your stressors/strengths on the following dimensions:

Physical: Diet, exercise, rest, consumption of alcohol/smoking, etc.
Emotional: inner feelings and their outer expression, emotional balance/blocks, etc.
Mental: Values, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, etc.
Systemic: Personal, family, social, professional, etc.
Spiritual: Sense of identity, life purpose, faith, etc.

Personalised Report

Immediately on completing the test, you will receive a personalised Holistic Health Report which highlights your stressors that can hamper your health and well-being.

Additionally, the report provides you with a concrete starting point for a comprehensive discussion with your physician or health coach and to begin the appropriate therapeutic interventions you can.

Above all, it gives you a fuller awareness and deeper understanding of yourself, so you can take charge of your life and achieve a higher state of overall well-being.

“The HHQ is a comprehensive, well-designed, simple tool that was easy to comprehend and therefore, easy to respond to. I have always believed in the connected-ness of the body, mind and spirit, hence it was insightful to understand how my mental and emotional stressors were in fact affecting my physical body. It was a good starting point to begin addressing my issues. And most importantly, since the HHQ report also highlighted my strengths, it was encouraging to note that I could leverage my strengths in order to heal and release my stressors.” – Vidya Ramaswamy, Clinical Hypnotherapist

To take the test, please connect with Anamika at with the subject as HHQ.

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